Introducing The Keys To Great Heart Health

Heart Health

Cardiovascular health relies on a number of factors including maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, getting proper amounts of exercise, eating a heart healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and taking beneficial supplements.

Healthy Cholesterol

Healthy cholesterol levels means you have more beneficial HDL, or high density lipoprotein, cholesterol than harmful cholesterol. You can keep your HDL levels up by eating a heart healthy diet that includes low-calorie, highly nutritious foods like low-fat protein, fruits, vegetables, monounsaturated fats, low-fat dairy and whole grains. The higher your HDL level, the more likely you will have a healthy heart.

Harmful cholesterol, known as LDL or low density lipoprotein, is responsible for causing any number of heart and cardiovascular system malfunctionings. These could include irregular heart beats, arterial wall plaque formation, narrowed arteries, poor blood circulation throughout your body, weak heart tissue, and other degenerative heart conditions. High LDL could eventually cause stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and heart attacks.

How can you Lower Harmful Cholesterol Levels?

There are a number of ways to lower harmful cholesterol levels. You can get more physical exercise, with recommendations being 5 days weekly for 30 minutes each. Exercising at a moderately brisk level is needed to optimize heart functioning. To improve your heart health, you must exercise at an intensity that involves increasing your heart rate while still being able to talk. And, you can divide the 30 minutes into three 10-minute slots daily and receive the same benefit. There is a direct correlation between your activity level and heart health. You also can cut back on eating processed foods, saturated fat and fatty foods.

Losing weight is another way to lower harmful cholesterol levels. You can do this by combining a healthy heart health meal plan with enough calorie-burning physical activity. Obesity is a leading indicator for heart disease development.

Patients are usually prescribed statin medications to lower harmful cholesterol levels. As beneficial as these medications may be for lowering LDL, they play havoc on your body’s natural ability to protect your heart. Your body naturally produces enough cholesterol for you to survive. Statins block this natural ability and can eventually harm your overall heart health and functioning.

You can lower your harmful cholesterol by neutralizing the oxidation process it goes through. This can be done by taking a heart-protecting supplement known as ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the absorbable form of CoQ10, another essential heart protector enzyme.

What are some Beneficial Supplements?

A healthy heart needs CoQ10 and ubiquinol to function properly. Your body naturally produces enough of these enzymes to keep you operating at optimum levels. However, aging results in less amounts being produced. When this happens, you need to get keep your heart functioning efficiently by taking supplements.

Ubiquinol and CoQ10 can be Purchased in Tablet

Taking care of your cardiovascular health will extend your life, improve your overall functioning, increase your energy level and provide you with a better outlook toward life. Taking the proper supplements, like ubiquinol and CoQ10, will go far towards properly nourishing your heart.


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