How To Go Green

Wondering ‘How To Be Green’? Want to know ‘what is eco friendly’?


My guest today is Lillian Brummet. Lillian is the co-author of the book Trash Talk: It’s Easy To Be Green. She shares tips to help make living green easy.

Award winning author Lillian Brummet ( produces and hosts the Conscious Discussions talk radio show, and manages the Brummet’s Conscious Blog Although it seems like a lifetime of scribbles and notes have led up to this – Lillian has been professionally involved in the realm of writing since 1999. She began writing poetry as a teenager, which allowed her to express the issues and emotions from a broken home, abusive childhood and being on her own at 13-years old. Through poetry she learned how to see beyond these hurts and discover a world outside of herself, where she learned that her life really did have value and that she had a purpose to fulfill.


Lillian has fond memories of an early childhood in California and Nevada (USA) and grew up in the south-central region of BC, Canada. Her business partner and husband Dave was born and raised in Kelowna (BC) where he met up with Lillian in 1990 and they have been together ever since. Dave and Lillian have collaborated their efforts and have authored of 5 books (to date, 2013), with another book of poetry coming out in early 2013.


In those few stolen moments when she is not in the office she can be found spending time with her husband gardening, indulging in nature, camping and walking the many trails in BC’s (Canada) wilderness. The main focus of everything the Brummets do, whether in their personal life or in business, is to inspire hope in individuals – helping them realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive, proactive in life.



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