Fun Facts About Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scouts of America are well-known for two things: teaching young girls practical skills and self-confidence, and selling delicious cookies. Communities around the United States eagerly await the annual cookie sales drives, which began in December of 1917.

Although the original Girl Scout cookies were homemade by the Girl Scouts and their families, today’s Girl Scout Cookies are baked exclusively by one of two commercial bakeries. Because two different bakeries make the cookies, the same cookie might be packaged or taste differently when purchased from a different Girl Scout troop.

Cookie sales provide the bulk of the Girl Scouts’ funding; in 2010, the Girl Scouts took in $34 million in membership fees while also raking in more than $700 million from cookie sales. In total, the Girl Scouts sold more than 200 million boxes of cookies, an average of 33 boxes per Girl Scout. One Girl Scout put that average to shame, however; in 2008, this enterprising young woman sold more than 17,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

Fun Facts About Girl Scout Cookies infographic

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