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F That An Honest Meditation [+ Video] #BookReview

If meditation and 4 letter words got married and had a baby you would get the book F That An Honest Meditation. If you are feeling stressed and need a good laugh then this may be for you.

My first encounter with Jason Headley’s F That An Honest Meditation was when I read about his book coming out.

My husband ended up reading the book before I got a chance to. He was clearing off our computers desk late one evening after a very long and challenging day. He saw the book title and was curious.

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How To Get A Crayon (or Bead) Out Of A Kid’s Nose

So your kid has decided to put something in their nose.

Maybe this is the first time. Hopefully this hasn’t happened more than once. (It has in out house lol)

Or maybe you want to know how to get it out before you find yourself having to get it (whatever it is) out of your kid’s nose.

*** Side Note: If you are reading this and this is the first time your kid has had something stuck in their nose… WOW you are really calm cause the first time this happened to us I was definitely not calm and I called our pediatrician.

Recently we had our 3rd visit to the the hospital ( well really 2nd because one of those times we went to the pediatrician’s office) to get something out of a kid’s nose. The first time our little Spaghetti (kid #2) put a crayon in his nose. The 2nd time our little Hot Sauce (kid #3) put a bead in her nose. This last time and hopefully final time, kid #3 (Hot Sauce) decided to put a crayon in her nose. I really thought she learned her lesson the first time, but a mother can hope 🙂

This last time I called our pediatrician and we were told that since he moved to a new office, he wasn’t accepting any emergency patients right. (They said something along the lines of that. We have a newborn. Sleep is sporadic. Details are cloudy. lol)

So, we all hope in the car and head over to the children’s hospital. The 3rd time around I’m definitely a lot calmer. I even stop to get gas.

While at the hospital the Dr. asked had I tried A Mother’s Kiss. I told him I hadn’t, but it sounded familiar. He told me how to do it and now I’m going to share it with you.

Step 1:
Lay the child on their back.

Step 2:
Press the nostril that does not have the object in it close so that the air don’t escape.

Step 3:
Place your mouth over your child’s mouth and blow. Hard.

***It took me 3 hard blows food the crayon to come out. By the second blow I could see the crayon poking out of her nose.

Psssst I’m not a Dr… yada yada yada… insert legal disclaimer here…

I actually think the kids enjoyed their visit and I wonder if I should be concerned about someone sticking something in their nose again just so we can go back. At the hospital they had the opportunity to watch a movie and tv (the weekend is when they get to watch at home so that get excited about any bonus tv time), they each got a freeze pop (they have a limit on sweets at home) and they got stickers (they are serious sticker fans).

*** Find some typos or something that made absolutely no sense? Charge it to the crying baby I had on my lap while rioting this 🙂

Hmmmm I may take pictures to show step by step… If I get a request to do so… Maybe… We’ll see how much sleep I get then I’ll see…



Jesus Today

Book Review: Jesus Today Devotions for Kids

I may be one of the few people that have never read a book in the Jesus Calling series. This book arrived at the perfect time. I just so happened to be on the search for a Devotional and a Bible for our oldest when I was offered an opportunity to check out Jesus Today Devotions for Kids. I was looking forward to having an opportunity to read a book by the popular author, Sarah Young.

Apparently Jesus Today Devotions for Kids is adapted from the Jesus Today devotional for adults. I am not familiar with the adult version so… but I did read that the adult version is an ECPA Gold Medallion winner.

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